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Deliver personalized patient care with the only histologically-validated, objective and quantitative CTA-based arterial analysis software.

Utilize ground-truth histology to inform risk of heart attack and stroke.

Clinical Problem

Undiagnosed Risk of
Heart Attack & Stroke

Heart attack and stroke are primarily caused by unstable plaque in the arteries that often go undiagnosed and untreated.1

Elucid is harnessing scientific imaging and artificial intelligence to enable quick, accurate diagnoses and precise treatment of cardiovascular disease. Current non-invasive testing cannot visualize the biology deep inside artery walls where heart disease develops which can lead to unnecessary invasive testing and generalized treatment plans for patients.

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Plaque IQ Technology

Accurate Clinical Insights Based on Biology

Introducing the first and only non-invasive image analysis software that employs CT angiography and patented computer algorithms, based on expert histologic examination of thousands of tissue samples, to objectively quantify the extent and stability of arterial plaque for tailored patient care.

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Predictive A.I. backed by 40+ years of clinical research

12 clinical studies and 70+ publications

Powerful. Precise. Proven.

Unprecedented accuracy authorized for use in all arteries.

Icon of human heart87%

Accurate prediction of major adverse cardiac events2*

Icon of human heart40%

Better Stroke Prediction3*

*Compared to current stenosis-based guidelines

ElucidVivo Comprehensive
Healthcare Solutions

  • Assess plaque composition with histology-validated software
  • Quantify heart attack and stroke risk with greater accuracy
  • Visualize a comprehensive and objective view of arterial disease to enable personalized treatment plans before a patient ever enters the hospital
  • Understand your risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Receive safe and accurate non-invasive diagnostic testing
  • Experience personalized treatment plans
  • Early detection for improved clinical care and consistent outcomes
  • Reduce unnecessary invasive testing, lowering cost of care
  • Identify asymptomatic high-risk patients who may have otherwise gone untreated
  • Identify promising drug candidates with greater speed and accuracy
  • Reduce clinical trial size, costs and timelines by stratifying high-risk patients
  • Determine a drug candidate’s mechanism of action to enhance safety and dosing
Plaque IQ Technology

Translate CTA into Scientific Images in 2 Steps

Accurately restore vessel structure and plaque morphology, including lipid rich necrotic core:

High-Fidelity Patented
Image Processing
Complete 3D Plaque Visibility and Analysis
Complete 3D Plaque Visibility and Analysis

The only CTA-based plaque assessment rigorously validated with histopathology*

Based on expert analysis of microscopic tissue samples by world-renowned cardiovascular pathologists.

*Available in ElucidVivo Research Edition only.

In partnership with:
CV Path Institute
LSU Health New Orleans

The ElucidVivo algorithms demonstrate excellent correlation and are highly accurate for tissue characterization when compared to ex vivo histopathology.”

Renu Virmani, MD

President & Medical Director at CVPath Institute

Secure, Workflow-Oriented A.I.

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Works with all CTA scanners using standard acquisition protocols.
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Accessed via secure, locally deployed software or cloud-based analysis designed to protect sensitive patient data transmission to and from hospital IT systems.

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Type II

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Type I

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Integrates seamlessly into EMR, PACS, and imaging workflow for accurate and timely clinical decision-making.
Expert Clinical Panel

Expert Clinical Panel

Using CT Angiography to Categorize & Stratify Risk in Patients with Subclinical to Unstable Coronary Artery Disease

Gregg Stone, MD; Ron Blankstein, MD; Renu Virmani, MD; Joe Schoepf, MD; Tony Das, MD

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Bringing Imaging to Life

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and accurate clinical insights, based on ground-truth histology and machine learning, enabling unprecedented precision healthcare for vascular disease. Contact us today to learn more about ElucidVivo clinical solutions:

Our Portfolio

ElucidVivo Plaque IQ

FDA-cleared and CE-marked, non-invasive CTA analysis software providing unprecedented specificity of plaque stability and vessel structure, based on histology.

ElucidVivo FFRCT + Plaque IQ

Combination of plaque analysis, based on histology, and FFR for a more direct measure of stress induced ischemia while characterizing plaque risk. Coming Soon!

ElucidVivo Clinical Research

CTA analysis software with innovative additional features for clinical research and studies.

ElucidVivo is used to evaluate patient outcomes, safety and clinical efficacy in clinical trials with industry partners, including:


Medical University Southern California
National Institutes of Health
University of Maryland Medical System

Contact us today to learn more about ElucidVivo or to schedule a product demo.



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*Compared to current stenosis-based guidelines 1. Stone, Gregg. PROSPECT II/PROSPECT ABSORB. TCT CONNECT 2020 Late Breaking Trial Session. 2. van Assen, M., et al., Automated plaque analysis for the prognostication of major adverse cardiac events. European Society of Radiology, 2019. 3. Lal B.K., et al. Novel Application of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Develop a Predictive Model for Major Adverse Neurologic Events in Patients With Carotid Atherosclerosis. Journal of Vascular Surgery. July 2020. DOI: 10.1016/j.jvs.2020.04.306. Compared to current stenosis based guidelines. 4. Elucid Technology FDA 510k summary – K183012; December 21, 2018.